Twitter Death Spiral Week 4

Questioning why I should continue tracking Twitter’s Death Spiral – at what point do I abandon this effort?

Latest evidence of Musk’s mental decline

Or is he just showing us his true colors as a white nationalist?

Elon Musk likes Ye (antisemite Kanye West)’s post of the word Shalom.

Or someone with perverse religious/sexual inclinations?

I don’t even know what to call his mental process here…

Musk allows MAGA white nationalists to return to Twitter

So over the weekend Musk re-instated Trump’s Twitter account – now he’s reinstated Marjorie Taylor-Green’s Twitter account.

Am considering this week to be the last week I befoul my blog with documenting Musk’s transition of Twitter to the new Truth Social. I’d really rather be writing about other things.

Now Musk is sad because Trent Reznor has left Twitter and he’s whining to a right-wing nobody account ‘cat turd’ about it.

But it was not enough to dunk on Trent – Musk had to keep allowing Nazis to return to Twitter.

Yet he suspended the account of someone involved in tracking down and exposing fascists.