2 thoughts on “Pearltrees – Visual bookmarking

  1. Hi, I am CMO @Pearltrees, thank you for this post. As to the delicious import I would say that the delicious tags way of thinking is so different from pearltrees organization that it isa necessity to hand curate your pearltrees after having imported your bookmarks. Thanks for your ideas, I will put them on the board right now.

  2. Thank you for this clarification – You know what would be a great widget? (b/c hand-curating the imported delicious bookmarks after they have been made into pearls seems a bit like preening tangles from one’s hair, if you don’t mind) — I would love to see a button next to delicious bookmarks like a ‘share’ button that would create a free-standing pearl that one could move. Or perhaps the import could be visualized as generating pearls in a separate field, like an unconnected sea of pearls in a separate frame – which then could be hand-picked and moved, like hanging ornaments on a Xmas tree? Thank you for this brilliant site btw – I’ve been waiting for something like this. Great job!

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