Strategies for battling climate crisis at home

It’s easy to feel helpless in the face of all the dire reports, but there are things that we can do, that we all should try to do at home, in addition to pressuring government to stop funding oil.

is in the news lately over the publicity of their direct action against a Van Gogh painting that was behind glass. Regardless of how you feel about their strategy to bring attention to their cause, it has gotten people talking, and one of the best things is that people are Googling what they are calling for, and people are suggesting other tactics. This is actually a good thing b/c we need all the ideas we can get. Just Stop Oil is in response to the energy situation in the UK where 3/4’s of their domestic energy comes from fossil fuels and the current Prime Minister Liz Truss wants to open up more off-shore drilling. In lieu of the recent flooding in Pakistan that sent 3/4’s of the country under water, in lieu of wildfires all over the world, this is the opposite direction we need to go in. That is what they are calling attention to, through shutting down roads, gluing themselves to bridges, etc.

What is going on in the US? We have rather a dumpster fire of division across our country. But Biden was able to pass his Climate bill which will provide a ton of money for great number of investments. Many good things are there and there’s potential for more.

What are some things that we can all do at home?

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