About the Author

Freelance art critic, taxonomist and professional librarian with an accredited MSIS specializing in taxonomy, digital archiving and preservation, curation, analytics, and image/video collections.

My academic background:

  •  MS in Information Studies
    • Portfolio in Museum Studies
    • Certificate in Digital Libraries
  • MA in Asian Studies focusing on Butoh.
  • BA in Art History focusing on Contemporary Visual Culture and Japan.
  • AA in Social Sciences with a focus on Cultural Anthropology and Sociology.

My research interests include:  early-modern to contemporary art, literature, theater and film, with specialization in Asian arts.

Technical skills include:  collection development, database administration, analytics, metadata/taxonomy development, content strategy and user experience.

Been a goth since I was a teen.

Raised in Berkeley, CA, by working class artists, my favorite activities are going to museums, coffee shops, clothing swaps and the library.

2 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Hi Shannon,
    Visual Culture Caffee is a fountain of artistic energy in music, painting, film and all the arts so far as I can tell. It is an amazing accomplishment. Wish we were closer than the roughly 24 hr drive south of you to Central Mexico where in San Miguel de Allende, Guanjuato, we have more poetry, theatre, arts, artisans per sq ft than Greenwich Village East & West. Its also where Betsy and I live. I’d love to talk with you and Sion (hope I got the spelling right) on all sorts of subjects including how Austin has changed since I was there 1961-67 studying philosophy. I’m going to start a regular dialog with Bobby who I miss A LOT. I so appreciated your note about your visit to him. We want to do that when we can gather the needed cash. Meanwhile give me your email and we can start a dialogue. Big hugs from Betsy and me, Bob Stone

    1. Thank you Bob, so great to hear from you! I’ll email you!
      Sion is my own name btw, in Gaelic (Sionann). I didn’t realize you had studied in Austin, it has indeed changed so much from the 90s, I’m sure it’s unrecognizable now from when you were there. Love to you and Betsy, Shannon

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