Tacoma Goth Swap – 4/15/23

Flea Market for goths – vintage, oddities, clothing, horror memorabilia, and more! Hosted at Tacoma Dance Studios.

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Intended to be more of a swap than a commercial venture, the items sold were more personal and creative. Still I wanted to share examples of artistic creations and links to people’s creative projects where it was known. Please contact me with any details I’ve missed so I can promote you!

Local Horror Rock band Murder Weapon

Murder Weapons is a five-piece, Shock Rock band from Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. The band was started in 2012 by Jesse Orr, then systematically the line-up seemed to fall in place. Jesse recruited keyboards, drums and guitar. The only piece missing was a singer and lyricist. Seattle veteran, Dawn Wood was that missing piece.” – https://www.discogs.com/artist/4463527-Murder-Weapons

Earlier projects – Elektronika (Dark Wave) and Endless Sunder (Industrial)

Elektronika is a darkwave/synth-pop project based in Tacoma, Washington that works with a variety of guest artists on its creative and inspiringly fresh sound. The band is heavily influenced by its new wave and synth-pop roots, but also experiments with trip hop, ambient and industrial genres.

Singer Dawn Wood has also lent her vocals to Seattle-based electronic artist Jyri Glynn for his solo project Anguisette. The Eletronika track “Bleed” appeared on the SINister Records compilation: Memento Mori: A Collection, released in 2010.” https://www.last.fm/music/Elektronika/+wiki

Endless Sunder is an Electro Industrial Band from Seattle Wa. Asher Sevyn is the composer, Vocalist and main recording musician behind the project. Although Asher had been producing electronic music since 2000 the project Endless Sunder originated in 2007 in Olympia Washington as an Electro Industrial concept.” https://www.concertarchives.org/bands/endless-sunder

Psilo Siren – “Influenced by the stories, themes, and sense of wonder that courses throughout all science-fiction, fantasy, and pop-culture realms…the Psilosiren Dimension…synthesize(s)../visions of pop-surrealist, psychedelic art that specializes in the weird, dreamlike, and mythical.”

Products by Psilo Siren

Succubus Creations by Princess Chayse

A collection of stickers, Saint Candles, and other merch of Sex Worker Heroes. All Aileen Wuornos merchandise gives 50% of proceeds to the Aileen’s Organization (a hospitality service for women who work along the Pac. Hwy in Federal Way). She’s an artist working her way through grad school. With her degree she hopes to “create programs to address inequalities in healthcare and other resources for SWers, queer people, houseless people, and other marginalized groups.”

Votive candels by Succubus Creations by Princess Chayse