Coming Soon to the Blanton: Contemporary Peruvian Photography, 1968–2015

Domínguez, Carlos “Chino” Madre e hijo con foto de padre desaparecido. Ayacucho, Perú [Woman with child and photograph of missing husband. Ayacucho, Peru] 1985 Hare, Pablo Miguel Grau, Bahía Tortugas, Ancash, de la serie Monumentos, 2005-2012 [Miguel Grau, Bahía Tortugas, Ancash, from the series Monuments, 2005-2012]
The Blanton Museum and University of Texas are proud to announce an upcoming exhibit of Contemporary Peruvian Photography running from April 23 – July 3, 2016: 

Fixing Shadows: Contemporary Peruvian Photography, 1968–2015

In collaboration with holdings from the Harry Ransom Center the exhibit will feature works from Peruvian photographers from the ’70s-80’s (from HRC collections) and their influence on photographic works from the ’90’s to today, (many newly acquired by the Blanton.)  Spanning almost five decades the collection will trace the evolution of photography in Peru’s journey through political and social upheaval. Photographers in the ’70’s fought to have the medium recognized as an art form and in the 80’s used it to document war and poverty. Later artists would go full circle using the medium to investigate public space, explore race and national memory and creating a voice reaching out through the fog of government suppression.

Mark your calendar: April 23 – July 3, 2016